How Companies Like Netflix, Pinterest, Yelp, Chef, and Atlassian Use OPA for Application Policy

Post on June 21, 2021

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OPA is a domain-agnostic, open-source general-purpose policy agent that enables the creation and implementation of consistent and flexible policies.

Essentially, OPA decouples security policies from the software systems they govern.

OPA allows companies to write understandable policies across many different dev teams, and translatable across each of the organization’s applications and their components.

As a result, OPA’s popularity is growing quickly.

Its benefits include:
🔹 Faster time-to-market, since developers have less code to write
🔹 More consistent policy enforcement across services
🔹 Consistent logging of policy decisions
🔹 Policies updated dynamically in response to security events
🔹 Security and compliance teams can function more efficiently
Does your company use OPA? What benefits could it bring to your organization?


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